“The life you deserve
is within reach”


The story of how Nimesh became a network marketing professional and business coach

Nimesh always aspired to a life of freedom, but prior to becoming a business mentor he didn’t always have one.

This is how he went from being a slave to his job to a slave to his business before finally finding out how to run a business and be free.

Like many of us, Nimesh always wanted financial stability.

When he went to university, he decided to study economics. He thought it would guarantee a good income. After graduating, he secured a career in corporate banking during the recession. At first, he was thrilled, but that soon turned to disappointment. The job was not what he expected – long hours and a lengthy
commute meant that he barely saw his loved ones. Nimesh might have had financial freedom, but he didn’t have free time.

Business Coach Nimesh Odedra using a Tablet Computer against a Wall with a Garden in the Background
He Knew Something Had To Change

After his father became ill, Nimesh reduced his hours so he could help out with the family business. He enjoyed not having to answer to a manager, but running the company was stressful. The business was running him instead of the other way around. He suddenly understood the pressure on his father. Nimesh couldn’t take a week or even a day away from the business without losing money. He no longer had paid holidays.

Nimesh began to look for other opportunities as he felt that there had to be more to life than being a slave, working long hours and having no freedom. Whilst doing so he came across an opportunity in the network marketing industry, which he knew nothing about. However, he did notice how much of a difference it was making to many peoples lives. Nimesh saw how people with similar backgrounds were making the kind of life for themselves that he previously thought only footballers or celebrities could have. The difference was that they were ordinary people who had a can-do attitude and embraced an opportunity that came their way.

“I had no knowledge of the industry so I did a lot of research as it was something very new to me and I wanted to make sure that it was the right
investment for myself and for my future. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something that was here one minute and gone another. I literally fell in love with what I saw”,Nimesh says.

Nimesh signed up straightaway and couldn’t wait to start off his journey as he knew what this opportunity could do for himself, his family and their future.

The change Nimesh has seen is incredible. He has created the ultimate laptop lifestyle, meaning he can work where and when he wants. Most important are the changes he has seen in himself. Nimesh is no longer a negative person despite years of being told by others he couldn’t succeed. Instead, he has proven them wrong with a can-do attitude. He truly believes you can have anything you want if you put your mind to it.

As Nimesh says, “I feel privileged that I can help and show others how they too really can have it all”

Business Coach Nimesh Odedra working at a Laptop
Let Nimesh Help YOU

Nimesh wants to show you how you can do the same. As a business mentor, he teaches others how to achieve their own dreams of freedom and financial stability. Through his work as a business coach, Nimesh will assist you in becoming you own boss, so you can work when and where you want. You will be never alone in your journey as you will be provided with high-quality training and support throughout. You can count on Nimesh to be with you throughout your whole journey. Plus he’ll show you to work fewer hours so you have more time for what’s important – spending time with your loved ones.

“Right now I love what I do. However, in the beginning, I was scared about whether I had made the right decision. I work with inspiring, motivated and successful people who are upbeat, happy and fun to be around. Most important I fell valued, which was a feeling I didn’t have in my banking career or when I was running my dad’s business. I was told from the start to work hard till you retire and then you can enjoy yourself. But looking at my dad, I see that he worked hard all his life and now that he want’s to retire he can’t enjoy it as in poor health. So I knew the system wasn’t right somewhere. I knew for things to change, I had to be that change,” Nimesh says.

Take this opportunity to be coached and mentored by Nimesh. As your business coach, Nimesh will work alongside you, teaching you the skills to build the business and the life you deserve.

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September 5, 2016
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