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17 Reasons to Start Your Own Business
September 5, 2016
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Career planning for students: should you launch a business?

As a student, you’re probably very interested in career planning. The thought of graduation looming keeps many students focused on starting to build a career and finding a job after graduation. Have you considered starting a business while you’re a student? More than half a million students want to start businesses in 2016, which is a 38% increase over 2015. Turnover of student businesses doubled over the course of the year and now stands at £913 million. On average, the businesses earn over £13,000 per year.

If you’d like to join the craze to start your own business, here are some things to consider

Earn money while studying

If you’re looking for a way to earn money while still having time to devote to your studies, starting a business could be a great option for you. Unlike traditional student jobs, starting your own business doesn’t require set hours. Plus, you can earn as much money as your customers or clients are willing to pay.

Create a business you can continue after university

Bypass the graduate job search altogether and think ahead with your career planning… If you start a business with longevity now, then you can continue to run it after graduation.

Flexible hours – fit work around your studies

Instead of trying to fit your studying time around hours at a traditional job or internship, you can choose your own schedule. So, you can choose when to work according to your study schedule.

Work from anywhere

When you run your own remote business, you can work from anywhere. So, instead of getting a job just for the summer and having to leave when you return to uni, you can keep running your business year-round, no matter where you are — even if you go travelling abroad.

Start your own business while you’re (relatively) responsibility-free

The majority of students don’t have to deal with mortgages or dependants, so now’s the perfect time to take a calculated risk and start your own business.

It doesn’t have to be costly

A lot of people think you need a lot of money to invest in a new business, but starting your own business can be inexpensive. According to research, the average cost of starting a business in the UK is £312

Access to university resources

As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to learn about a lot of different areas. At university, you have access to a tremendous amount of free resources. These include the library, networks and access to online resources, so take advantage of this now while you’ve got free access!

Leverage your university’s partnerships

It’s likely that your university has a lot of partnerships with organisations. You might be able to get in touch with these organisations through the university and use those connections to help grow your business. on both a local and national level

So how can you get started with your business?

Ready to take an important step in career planning by starting a business that you can run as a student and after graduation?

Business coach Nimesh Odedra can help you focus on what you want out of your business, set goals and start achieving them. If you’re interested in starting a business, book a free business mentoring session with Nimesh now

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